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Free iPhone 8 is the best thing that most smartphone users have been waiting for. This giveaway will give everyone the chance of owning the latest iPhone unit along with the accessories that comes along with it. This phone is nothing short of amazing that is why it is so pricey and not all can buy it in the market today. With that in mind, this website is giving away limited units of iPhone 8 to those who are joining it. If you are here today, then this is your chance. Why spend a thousand dollar for a smartphone that you can have for free? Today it’s an awesome day to join the Free iPhone 8 promo. Do not wait any longer and join the promo. Let’s get started with iPhone 8 for free online by clicking the button below.

iPhone 8 – Best Smartphone Today :

Out now on the market today, iPhone 8 a whole new meaning to the word smartphone. There are lots of features that comes with it that are never before seen with the competition. And there are also those that are made better by Apple when compared to other manufacturers.

The phone has just been released internationally, however, it may vary from places to places especially to those countries in the Eastern part of the world. Of course coming from the company named Apple, we really can’t expect anything less but awesome with this iteration of the iPhone series. Since the release of the original iPhone from the visionary leader that started it all, Steve Jobs. iPhone has made a lot of following all over the globe.

Once you hold the new iPhone 8 in your hand, you immediately feel that premium build inside and out. That’s an obvious characteristic that smartphone users take notice. The phone has the best build quality that we have not seen with other phones in the market today. Not to mention the impressive features and design. In reality, Apple is the only company, as far as smartphone is concern, that takes pride in making nothing but the best in every release that they make every year. It was one of the greatest achievement Steve Jobs made in the company, and the tradition continues even after his death. The phone boasts a 5.8 OLED screen that is not only rich in color but is almost color accurate to what we see in real world. And don’t forget it looks good when playing with games and watching movies.

iPhone 8 is also sporting an almost bezel-less display. With that feature, any media shown in the display seems a lot more immersive than ever before. Another advantage to that is the fact that it keeps the whole form factor of the phone small and compact while sporting a bigger display. It is something that we have seen lately in most releases of smartphone but Apple taking it to a higher new level.

How to use get a free iPhone 8 by joining the giveaway?

Free iPhone 8 is easier that what people think it is. As mentioned above, this is the only honest giveaway you can see in the world of internet today. You simply need to click on the get started now button above. By doing it, this will take you to the guide page where you to follow a set of instructions. These instructions are simple and easy to follow so there is nothing really hard in joining. I mean, if you are given the chance to get your hands off a new smartphone for free, why would you still want to spend hundreds to a thousand of dollars for it? That does not make any sense. Just complete the process and you are good to go. That is as easy as it can get.

Is the free iPhone 8 giveaway open to all globally?

At first the iPhone 8 giveaway was only open for those living in the American continent (particularly US and Canada) but as the demand went so high internationally, we are glad to announce that — Yes, this is open for all around the globe. Whether you are from Asia, Australia, Europe, South Africa and the list goes on and on — you are allowed to join. We have already sent a couple units for those who have already won the giveaway. And we are glad that we still have more to give and so everything boils down to who is willing to join and follow the instructions given to them. This is best thing you can do to have a smartphone without even bothering of spending anything. You can also check the reviews posted by our visitors who have gotten their iPhone 8 already. Right now, we are working on a live chat that will cater some of the most common questions are visitors are throwing at us especially some of the few issues that they are encountering online. But as for now, the giveaway is on and you can be one of those who will get an iPhone 8 if you join now.


Instructions on how to join the iPhone 8 Giveaway
1. Click above get started button above and proceed to the giveaway page.
2. Enter your real name and email address
3. Select the desired color of iPhone 8
4. Click on join now and proceed
5. If prompted by a captcha or spam protection survey – just complete it (it takes 1 -2 mins)
6. Wait for the email confirmation and respond (usually 30 mins)
7. You will be notified as a Free Iphone 8 Giveaway Winner
8. Delivery will of the unit will depend in your country
9. Enjoy your new iPhone 8 smartphone

Review on the new iPhone 8:

For someone who have been an Android fan for the last couple of years, this iPhone 8 is something worth using. Everything about this phone is amazing. I have been using it for already a week now as my daily driver and I can confidently say it has not let me down for a single second. Everything just works and it works great. Yes it is a new phone but so far I am loving it. I am not missing out the features that my Android phone offers but instead I am loving the iOS features that my Android is lacking. The user interface is free from all those clutter and bloatware that most of the Android smartphone manufacturers add. The interface is simple and for someone who have just used it, it is easier that I expected. The graphics is awesome. The display is close to reality and the camera is really responsive and perhaps the best in the market today. The quality of the pictures and video it takes is second to none. Forget about Google Pixel, it doesn’t stand a chance. Overall, I am in love with this new iPhone 8 — the build quality is solid, the design is modern and amazing, the features are second to none. I am giving this 9.5/10 — that is coming from an Android fan boy. And the best thing about it is that I got it for free.